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 Functional Assessment of Urinary Neuro-biogenic Amines—A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE

group on norepinephrine, epinephrine

and their metabolites favors reduction

by aldehyde or aldose reductases. The

deamination of norepinephrine and

epinephrine by monoamine oxidase A

(MAO-A) and the subsequent forma-

tion of VMA have a minimal effect on

catecholamine catabolism in neurons.

Evidence indicates that sulfate-con-

jugated normetanephrine is instead

formed primarily in gastrointestinal tis-

sue. SULT activity has been down-reg-

ulated in vitro by coffee compounds,

green tea polyphenols, quercitin and res-

veratrol. SULT enzymes also conjugate a

variety of xenobiotic chemicals that may

be inhaled or ingested during environ-

mental exposures. SULT1A3 converts

norepinephrine to normetanephrine and

its activity may decrease in liver disease.

In urinary assays, free normeta-

nephrines represent a small proportion

(<3%) of the total measured normeta-

nephrines. Doctor’s Data measures total

normetanephrines, which is the medical



Copper status

( RBC Elements )

Magnesium status

( RBC Elements


Status of neurotransmitter precursor


( Amino Acids )

Glutathione status

( Glutathione; erythrocytes )


( DNA Methylation Pathway )

Methionine metabolism and

methylation pathways

( Plasma Methylation Profile, DNA Methylation Pathway )

Oxidative stress/8OH-dG

( DNA Oxidative Damage Assay )


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