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Functional Assessment of Urinary Neuro-biogenic Amines—A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE 


mine in noradrenergic (norepinephrine)

nerves and that some plasma DOPAC

may originate from sympathetic nerves.

Plasma DOPAC is also formed from me-

tabolism of dopamine in non-neuronal

cells of the gastrointestinal tract. Food

ingestion increases plasma DOPAC lev-

els, although the exact effects of diet re-

main unknown.


Copper levels

( RBC Elements )

Magnesium levels

( RBC Elements )

Manganese levels

( RBC Elements )

Selenium levels

( RBC Elements )


( DNA Methylation Pathway )

Methionine metabolism and

methylation pathways

( Plasma Methylation Profile, DNA Methylation Pathway )

Glutathione status

( Glutathione; erythrocytes )

Oxidative stress

( DNA Oxidative Damage Assay/8-OHdG )


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