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 Functional Assessment of Urinary Neuro-biogenic Amines—A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE

About the Author

Andrea Gruszecki has studied ecology and

naturopathy, which together have given her a unique

perspective on the gastrointestinal microbiome and

the interaction of populations of microbes within the


She received her B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary

Biology from the University of Connecticut, where

her research examined the effects of diurnal cycles



species, and as a volunteer she

helped with data collection for behavioral studies


Megaloptera novangliae

(humpback whales) in

Hawaii. Trained as a Radiologic Technologist and

Army medic, she also spent several years working

in urgent care and hospital settings, gaining valuable

clinical experience.

She received her Doctorate in Naturopathy from

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in

2000, and saw patients at a wellness center in Connecticut before establishing her own

naturopathic practice. Since then, she has pursued additional studies to develop skills for

treating the whole person through nutrition, physical therapies, education, and mind-body

therapies. Her practice evolved into an inclusive model of medicine for use by conventional

and CAM providers, designed to allow cross-specialty communication among health care

providers. This model was presented to Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg,

Virginia in 2012 for consideration by their new oncology department’s Complementary

Care program, and has been published online as

Forward into the Past: Reclaiming Our Roots

Through an Inclusive Model of Medicine

in the June, 2013 NDNR eNewsletter.

Dr. Gruszecki serves as a consultant for the Scientific Support Department at Doctor’s

Data, and is responsible for phone consults to review results and assist clinicians in the

selection of laboratory tests. In addition, she writes interpretive commentary for new

tests and creates and delivers health-related continuing medical education at professional