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 Functional Assessment of Urinary Neuro-biogenic Amines—A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE

SNP has been associated with

increased familial susceptibility

to schizophrenia in those of

European or African-American



Expressed in the amygdala of the

brain and in leukocytes, kidneys


Expressed in pituitary and in

leukocytes, kidney and skeletal


Trace amines may activate sigma re-

ceptors and modulate potassium and

calcium channels (in vitro); altering the

level of ions inside neurons may change

their action potential and firing rate.


Selenium status

( RBC Elements )

Glutathione status

( Glutathione; erythrocytes )

Oxidative stress

( DNA Oxidative Damage Assay/8-OHdG )

Methylation pathway activity

( Plasma Methylation Profile


DNA Methylation Pathway )


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